Millions of children do not have access to education

Lack of education is the major reason for poverty and crime worldwide. Support us on our journey to make education available to every child.

The problem

this is why we need better access to education.

This is why we do EdYouShare. And this is why we need your support…


Child labour likelihood if out of school


Child prostitution likelihood if out of school


Children not in school


Criminality likelihood if out of school


Life expectancy if uneducated

What we Do

our work

EdYouShare acts as an intermediary between contributors and aid organisations. We raise money, mainly from students, to finance educational aid projects and organisations active in 10+ countries. We carefully select our partners to ensure that our contributions get where they are most needed.


Any Questions?

We do not run aid projects ourselves. That would be an inefficient use of the funds we raise; there are a lot of great, experienced aid organisations out there which can use the funds we raise much better than we ever could. We focus on fundraising, and keep supporting our excellent partner projects.

We have people from all walks of life supporting our cause. However, over 60% of our donations come from students who seek to share some of their privileges. Currently, we are noticing increased interest in corporate donations.

We are grateful to Google for contributing over $120,000/yr to our cause through Ad Grants.

Your contribution is safe with us. We pledge that every single cent of donations is passed on to aid projects. We do not spend any of your money on advertisement or business expenses.

As a tax-exempt charity under German law, our cash flows are monitored by the German financial authorities.

EdYouShare is supported by Google and the Sparkasse, Germany’s largest savings bank.

Students for students programme

We award a digitally verifiable seal to students who donate 2% of their monthly tutoring income to EdYouShare. Our seals sets you apart from the competition and shows that you care about educational injustice.

If you are a student and earn money through tutoring, register for our seal now.

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